Finding the best low carb Keto friendly sausages can be stressful, the last thing you want to do is eat the wrong sausage containing fillers and get knocked out of Ketosis, ruining all your hard work!

I’ve tried many different low carb sausages in the last few years and my favourite sausages while on Keto are sold by Coles supermarkets.


I’ve done many tests a few hours after eating these sausages with Keto-Diastix and I’m always in the pink even after eating sometimes 3 or 4 sausages.

Carbs in Sausages

Please remember when eating sausages on Keto you need to be careful of any additional carbs added by fillers, also cheaper sausages contain filler known as sausage meal, usually made of wheat or rice flour. You will notice that a lot of sausages are made using rice flour instead of wheat flour, which means they can be labelled and sold as gluten-free.


Another alternative to normal sausages are Poultry based sausages, these are usually, but not always leaner than pork or beef sausages. These sausages can be used more often as part of your diet.”

Even when I am not on Keto, I love eating these sausages as they taste so good! They are great at family and friends barbeques and taste great with mustard for that extra fat content which we need on Keto!

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